JJS Infotech Barcode solutions for Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Streamline your inventory management with our Barcode Solutions. Whether you need a solution for a small stockroom or a complex multi warehouse operation, our experts can plan a complete system that delivers a return on your investment from day one. Cut down on manual data entry costs and minimize inventory write offs to optimize stock and flow of goods. Our barcode solutions seamlessly integrate with any inventory management software available in the market and with any type of code (UPC / EAN / ISBN) and product.

Asset Management

Managing assets effectively is a big challenge, whatever be the size of your organization. Effective Lifecycle management of assets requires constant monitoring of asset health and tracking periodic servicing schedule and predictive maintenance. Tracking Depreciation of long standing assets and relocation of key machinery from one plant to another is made easy with a barcode enabled asset management system.
JJS Infotech Barcode solutions for Asset Management

JJS Infotech Barcode solutions for Retail POS

Retail POS

With increasing competition and higher cost of customer acquisition, retaining your customer base is the key for success in a retail business. Quick and accurate service is expected by your customers. Our barcode solutions seamlessly integrate with any existing POS software with quick queue process and flawless checkout and enhance your customer's in-store experience. They also help reduce pilferage, replenishment time, overheads and in stock costs with a tight integration with inventory and back end management.


The goal of any warehouse is to control the movement and storage of goods in the most efficient manner possible. Barcode based warehouse management solutions help you optimize this with 100% real time data capture and automation. Our barcode solutions for your Warehouse easily integrate with any WMS / ERP software and can scale up as your business needs grow. You can easily track flow of raw material, in process and finished goods within the warehouses and production floor accurately and increase productivity with a quick turnaround time.
JJS Infotech Barcode solutions for Warehouse Management

JJS Infotech Barcode solutions for Exports Management


All exporters across industries - be it Pharma, Food Industry, Textiles and Garments, Finished goods and Machinery - need to comply with Global Supply Chain Standards and meet best practices and meet Authentication, Track and Trace requirements of DGFT. Barcodes are used as unique product identification numbers to quickly create, print labels, identify items at receiving end. Our expert consultants help you acquire and keep in place the industry standard barcode printers and scanners that give you complete compliance to norms and give an edge over your competition

Distibution and Shipping

Whether it is within the country or across the world, or it is by postal services / courier / freight / cargo / air / sea, barcodes enable you to track transit from despatch to delivery effectively. The standard distribution code was created to meet the trend of distribution diversification, in terms of the EAN code of the products contained in the package and also the packaging data. When scanned the item and quantity of the product is known instantly. This allows many things in the distribution system to be rationalized, such as "picking", "assortment", "checking product", "stock control" and "stock taking". Our barcode solutions help you get the robust barcoding infrastructure for a smooth sailing distribution and shipping business!
JJS Infotech Barcode solutions for Distibution and Shipping Management

JJS Infotech Barcode solutions for Government Agencies

Government Agencies

For an effective egovernance system speedy transaction, reduced ambiguity and efficient and authenticated access to a safe and secure central database having region / countrywide usage and access is required. Agencies like GS1 engage as trusted advisor and partner with Industry and Government to build standards and best practices to this end. Our experts help you select the best barcoding hardware that help you meet these standards.