High performance with easy access - Ingeniously designed for easy operation and reliability

Space-Saving Design Concept

The Hi-Open™ case lifts up vertically meaning that the printer's footprint does not change as the cover is opened making it ideal for tight spaces.

Front Loading Rewinder

The clever and unique CL-S700R includes an internal rewinder that is simplicity itself to use. The front door drops down and the liner or labels are loaded.

Easy Configuration

The large graphic LCD gives a clear indication of printer status and easy printer configuration.

Two Auto Cutters

The CL-S700 and CL-S703 printers feature two cutter types: a heavy-duty cutter for thick card and plastics media and a high-speed cutter for standard labels and paper.

Typical Applications

  • Logistics
  • Courier
  • Shelf-Edge
  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Textile
  • Card Tags
Technical Specifications
Printing Resolution 203dpi
Printing Speed 2 ~ 10 ips
Printing Length Max. 100"
Connectivity Parallel, Serial, USB Ports
Display LCD
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