The NX Series represents SATO’s next generation of thermal printers with advanced support for barcode symbologies, character sets and RFID encoding. A product of SATO’s global R&D network the NX Series incorporates value-added features in a world-class design to deliver a printing solution that goes beyond expectations.

SATO's Application-Enabled-Printing AEP Technology solves business problems in various industries with a flexible and cost-effective option of printing labels and tags. This next generation of smart printing allows the NX Series to be used as a stand alone printing solution eliminating the need for costly computers.

  • Durable Design - Metal Construction, Heavy Aluminum Durability
  • Support a Variety of Media Types - Wound In or Out; Ribbon and Label
  • Space Saving Design with Bi-fold Type Side Cover
  • Superior Print Accuracy and Quality
  • New Darkness Range for Higher Energy Settings
  • (Label Tension Damper System) LTDS contributes to a controlled back-feed tension for demand label applications, providing a proper label track
  • Multiple On-board Interfaces Standards
  • Multi Language Support
  • High Speed Processing and Throughput

Technical Specifications
Printing Resolution 203dpi, 305 dpi, 609dpi
Printing Speed 10 ips, 8 ips, 6 ips
Printing Length Max. 100"
Connectivity Parallel, RS-232, and USB ports
Display LCD
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